The Phantom Menace: Part Deux

20 Jan

So not only am I being yelled at for not watching movies; now I’m being yelled at for not seeing them in the proper order.

Brad: What do you mean, you’re starting with The Phantom Menace?
Alaina: It’s Episode One, Brad. 
Brad: Yeah, but it sucks!  You should watch them in the order in which they were released.
Alaina: I don’t want to end with Revenge of the Sith!
Brad: You shouldn’t even watch those!  Just watch the first three!
Alaina: I shouldn’t watch Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi?  Wait a minute —
Brad: That’s not what I said.
Alaina: Whatever. I’ve already started, it’s too late to change transport mid-asteroid belt.

So I have just about an hour left, and (conveniently) just about an hour before Amelia the Roommate gets home, which means I have just about an hour to finish the movie without having to listen to her groan at my viewing choices. 

So please, pull up a chair (or whatever) and grab a drink (you’ll need it), because we’re finishing this small section of Hell tonight. 

Hm.  Although, I think I’m going to change my choice of alcoholic beverage; I’m not going to waste my champagne on this swill.

When we last left our intrepid heroes… young Anakin was going to race his pod (I’m unsure if that was a euphamism) so as to win enough prize money to buy the transpondster (or whatever) that Qui-Gonn Jinn needs in order to fix his transport and get the hell off of Tattooney to go … help the Queen, or something.  I don’t know, I got kind of lost there.  Also, Anakin’s blood is chock full of midichlorian goodness, and also-also, Alaina was playing a fun game of Let’s Add That’s What She Said To Innocuous Phrases.

Game on.

A chance cube? What the fuck is a chance cube? And I really don’t want to know what else Watto uses that cube for. Because I just went to a very dirty place.

What the fuck is that, a jackalope? Holy shit, they have jackalopes on Tattooney!

Hey, that weird seahorsey thing just pulled something on Anakin’s pod. A of all, that’s what she said? But b of all, I CALL SHENANIGANS.

Liam Neeson: May the force be with you.
Alaina: DRINK!

Holy shit it’s Jabba the Hut! I forgot he appeared in this! Dear lord, George Lucas loved that tub of lard. Also, is that a Mrs. The Hut back there? How does Jabba explain the slave girls?

Oh my god. I actually remember sleeping through this. I remember the sound effects, and the occasional shotgun and comment from the sportscaster or whatever the hell that two-headed thing is that’s commentating on the race, but I remember slouching in my chair at the theater, with my eyes closed, not really understanding what was going on, and I remember sleeping through this. This is crazy.

Thank god that’s over. I almost fell asleep again.

Shit! I fell asleep. FUCK IT I’M NOT TURNING BACK.

YODA! And Sgt. Nick Fury! Okay, I’m awake now.

Nick Fury: May the force be with you.
Alaina: Drink!

I’m hungry now. I could totally go for some mac ‘n’ cheese. Obviously, my stomach is MORE INTERESTING than this STUPID Senate Committee meeting. Also, how did a Queen get elected?

Amidala: This body is not capable of action.
Alaina: That’s what she said! *drinks*

Is that Terence Stamp as Chancellor Valorum? It is! Holy crap, that’s awesome.

Right, it’s Darth Maul that everyone wanted to be for Halloween. Sgt. Nick Fury is Mace Windu. Honest to God, I hate this movie. And I’m really jonesing for some mac ‘n’ cheese.

Okay, brief interruption while I and the Roommate hit up WalMart for some pre-closing antics. But I’m not going to stop and post here, because I refuse to even say “Part Trois” with this stupid movie.  I’ll be right back.

Two hours later…
Okay, I’m back.  Easy Mac took care of the Mac ‘n’ Cheese craving, so I’ll shut up about that now.  Meanwhile, I’m not going to rewind to see what I missed when I took my nap, because I need to FINISH THIS TONIGHT.

Evil Emperor: This is an unexpected move from her.
Alaina: That’s what she said!

Dear Liam Neeson: It’s incredibly sweet of you to think that Anakin is going to listen to your order to find a safe place to hide. Dude, the kid is ten, there is no way he’s going to do what you say. He’s going to be all, hey, look at this cool little jet thing, this is way better than my crappy pod, let me take it out for a test drive. If only he crashed; then there wouldn’t be any other movies — oh. Right.

Aw. Goodbye, Liam Neeson. Meanwhile, that answers the question of “what happens when you stick your light saber in some dude?”  Also, that is TOTALLY what she said.

OH THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST this movie is over.

You know, maybe it was because it was over ten years ago, or maybe my memory’s gotten especially hazy, but regardless: I do not remember this movie being so bad. And while I recognize that I don’t have to watch the next two, that I could just skip ahead to “the real Star Wars” [REAL ZOMBIES!? Did you just say REAL ZOMBIES?!], I think all the readers of my blog, as small as that population may be, well: you all need to realize that I am both a completist and a masochist.

What I’m trying to say is, at some point, once I sanitize my eyeballs, Attack of the Clones is next.

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