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And now, a word from our pop culture deficient.

So hey.  I know I post to this intermittently as it is, but I felt I should explain this particular absence.

I’m moving.  Not that far — just to Yarmouth.  Which, for my non-Mainer readers, is about fifteen minutes away from where I live now.  But what I hadn’t anticipated was the amount of crap and things I’ve accumulated in five years.  Because I know I did not have this much stuff five years ago.

I had three boxes of DVDs and DVD sets.  Three boxes!  (I’m not going to tell you how many I have bought and not watched, for three reasons.  1: It would make me sad.  2: It would give everyone more fodder with which to load their judgy cannons. 3: The boxes are in Yarmouth and I’m typing this from Portland, so, neener-neener.)

As a result of me moving, I did have to delete some Insomniac Theatre movies from the TiVo.  (Hey, if I’m not going to be here to watch them, why keep them on a TiVo that no longer belongs to me?)  The good news is that my new place will also have a TiVo — already named Jeremy II — and I believe I will get TCM in the new place as well.  So, stay tuned for when TCM repeats The V.I.P.s, A Streetcar Named Desire, Jezebel, Of Human Bondage, The Dirty Dozen, The Stunt Man, The Innocents, The Women, and something that I’ve never heard of but recorded based upon the description alone, Back From Eternity.

The description was something like, “A con man, a hooker, and a lawyer all learn to survive following a plane crash.”  It was going to be rife of Lost references and cannibalism, I’m sure.

I also have received Return of the Jedi from Netflix, so when I get a couch and the wireless set up, that should be next.  And then I need to make the difficult decision as to what classic List movie should be next.  Although I’m telling you right now, it’s not going to be Shawshank.  I’m still a little bitter over something related to that movie, and I’m seriously considering buying a copy on DVD and using it to hold Jeremy II up so his fan doesn’t overheat.

Oh, I should also mention that, for the time being, any Netflix Roulette movies will also be on hold.  The Roommate has an Apple TV, which made it super easy to watch and review.  I’m debating on whether I want an Apple TV, or if I should just use my old laptop Sydney for Instant!Netflix watching, and then reviewing using Caroline the Netbook.  I’m leaning towards the latter because hey, that way I don’t have to buy an Apple TV box, but I’ve been known to be stupid in the past.  So, Sarah – keep tweeting me the movies you need me to watch and I’ll make a list.  Based on bandwidth and buffering speeds, I should be able to get through some.

So that’s where I’m at.  I want to thank all of you for supporting me in your own, special snowflake ways, whether it’s not saying “what do you mean, you’ve never seen X” or whether you’re giving me more movies I need to see, I appreciate it.  And to those of you who do disparage my deficiency, I know you’re only doing it out of love.  Or horror.  One of the two.

As a thank you, I want to leave you with a trailer for a movie I most definitely WILL be seeing, in IMAX, at midnight.  If it was in 3D, I’d have the glasses on so quick it would make my head fall off.  If I could buy tickets for it today, I would.  I have seen the trailer seven times since its release yesterday, and I’ll probably be watching it even more as the day wears on.  IT’S AWESOME, OKAY?  Is it November yet?  How about now?  When will then be now?  THAT’S NOT SOON ENOUGH

… sorry.  Anyway.  Here you go, and the regularly unscheduled programming will return soon.  Thank you, and goodnight.

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