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Oscar!Watch: 2014

Holy crap you guys — I might actually be able to see all the movies nominated for the Top Eight this year.

I happened to look for the first time today – because, thanks to the United States Government and my income tax refund – I might actually have money for the first time in a while to spend on things other than bills, food, and shelter, and also thanks to the Olympics, I’ve got an extra week that I don’t usually have in which I could ostensibly catch up, and while I’m thanking people, I guess I should sort-of thank my job that is conveniently across from the Nickelodeon, which is the art-house cinema in Portland, making it super-convenient to leave work and walk across the street to see a 6:15 show of something.

But seriously, as I looked at the list — and what I do is I break out the Top Eight categories (Picture, the four Acting categories, Directing, and both Screenplay categories) and then map out where the nominations fall (American Hustle was nominated for practically everything, Before Midnight only got one nod) — and that determines what movies I need to watch.

This year, the Top Eight are completely covered by twelve films.  And I’ve already seen two of them!  I only need to watch ten movies!  And three of those are on Redbox already!

After I complete my Hannibal rewatch (OH CRAP I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO TONIGHT), I can TOTALLY get those ten movies done!  Hell, I’ll even throw in Frozen because apparently it’s the best Disney movie since Beauty and the Beast!

The only one I’m ‘iffy’ on is Blue Jasmine, and that’s because it’s Woody Allen’s latest, and I’ve never been a huge fan of Woody Allen, and with the latest news, I feel really icky spending a dollar to watch a film he’s made.  I … I don’t know how I feel about that.

(maybe I’ll just use my free coupon I usually get on Blue Jasmine and drink a lot – maybe that will help the confused feels I have towards the situation)

So anyway – stay tuned, because after the Hannibal rewatch (CAN I WATCH SIX EPISODES BETWEEN NOW AND THURSDAY I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN) and catching up on Sherlock (“A Scandal in Belgravia” is TOTALLY my new favorite, and I can hear my dad saying “It’s ‘A Scandal in Bohemia,’ what the hell are they doing”), I do have a couple of Insomniac Theatres to catch up on (which will make Jeremy the TiVo: Episode IV: A New Hope much happier than he currently is), and I’m going to try and end this paragraph without any more parenthetical phrases by saying that there might also be another That’s What She Read Tie-In, plus more on the list.



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