About Alaina

Alaina is a woman in her mid-twenties oh god early thirties and has never categorized herself as such before now. Excuse her while she pours herself a strong one to mask the pain of growing old.

Alaina has seen plenty of movies — tons, even. Every February she endures a brutal test of endurance she calls Oscar!Watch, wherein she goes to the movies prior to the Oscars and attempts to see all the movies that have been nominated for the major catagories. In addition, she can recite half of Raiders of the Lost Ark, has a strange affinity for When Harry Met Sally, uses both All About Eve and Sunset Blvd as ‘pick-me-up’ movies, and has been known to throw quite the fit when other media doesn’t use time travel the same way Back to the Future does.

As you have probably guessed, Alaina is also rather fond of speaking of herself in the third person.

By day, she is a grunt for the government, using an adding machine and filing your taxes. By night, she fights crime and whips up pastries that put Betty Crocker to shame. Also, she writes a lot, though she never seems able to complete any of her many works in progress.

While this blog is about the Movies Alaina’s Never Seen, you can read Alaina’s reviews of the books she reads over at her other WordPress blog, That’s What She Read.


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