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Project X: episodes 2.01-2.07

Welcome to Season 2, and almost to Year 2 of Project X! The good news is that at the rate I’m going, we have at least 8 more years of fun ahead of us?

[The bad news is that if I took pictures during the watching of these episodes, they have been lost to the interwebs. They’re not on my phone, nor are they on my new laptop or my portable hard drive. So, if there were visual aids at some point, they no longer exist. Apologies.]

Episode 2.01: “Little Green Men”

Netflix Synopsis
Mulder travels to Puerto Rico in advance of a beret team out to destroy evidence of an extra terrestrial encounter.

Alaina’s Synopsis
A shadowy Senator sends Mulder to Puerto Rico to verify Voyager made contact with aliens, even though the X-Files are kaput. I give them three episodes before the X-Files are back up and running,though.

MOTW / Mytharc
Mytharc, most definitely. After Skinner (BABY) disbanded the X-Files, Mulder got sent off to conduct stakeouts and Scully’s back at Quantico, instructing newbies on autopsies. This episode will also add to the idea of shadowy government overlords when it comes to the alien shit.

First Meetings
Senator Matheson, one of Mulder’s allies. Matheson is the one who sends Mulder to Puerto Rico.

Mulder, You Precious Angel
We begin the episode with a science presentation and Mulder’s poetic yet completely over-dramatic narration.

Flashback To
Samantha’s abduction.

Dammit! My Sexual Kryptonite!
Mulder, sweaty after his flashback nightmare, still wearing his white Oxford shirt, unbuttoned.

Ships Ahoy!
There’s Mulder’s whole speech to Scully on the tape [[note: I can’t remember what the speech said, nor can I remember which tape this is — it may be the tape of his report he makes her that she listens to in her office late at night, or it may be a tape that was created in the Puerto Rico lab — I can’t remember. Ugh, I don’t want to have to rewatch these for more context!]]. But most importantly, even Skinner (BABY) know that, when Mulder ran off to Puerto Rico without telling anyone and Scully got worried about him, that if Scully knew where Mulder was, she wouldn’t be so worried about him. SKINNER KNOWS, MULDER

I also have a note that reads, “The Hand Touch! ‘I still have you.'”, which I assume fits under this category, but again – without context, I have no idea.

Fuck Yeah, Skinner!
When Mulder tells Skinner about the illegal wiretap he found on his phone, and Skinner knows that since he didn’t order it, then it has to be the work of Cigarette Smoking Man, and then he tells CSM to get the hell out of his office! FUCK YEAH, SKINNER!

Watch or Skip?
Most definitely watch.

Episode 2.02: “The Host”

Netflix Synopsis
Mulder pursues a humanoid, parasitic organism that uses sewage systems as its home.

Alaina’s Synopsis
……….. eeeewwwwwww.  Why does it have to be sewage?

MOTW / Mytharc?
It’s described as a “humanoid parasitic organism that [lives in] sewage systems.” THIS IS DEFINITELY A MONSTER.

Note From the Future
I make the worst fucking decisions. This episode is so gross.

Thing I Yelled At the TV
[[On the black and white image of a freighter that starts the episode]]
If this is an homage to Battleship Potemkin, I’m out.

Thing I Also Yelled At the TV
What the fuck, the sailors are Russian?! I’M OUT, I’m not watching Potemkin again!

Scully’s Hair
[[ No image found. ]]
But seriously: flat. Listless. Unstyled. Pregnancy Hair. Gillian Anderson knew she was going out for a few episodes, so it’s like they stopped caring what she looked like. Poor Gillian – you deserved so much better.

Ships Ahoy!
(When Scully suggests Mulder transfer to Quantico to get out of stakeout transcriptions)
Mulder: They don’t want us working together, Scully. And right now, that’s the only reason I can think of to stay.

Also: their faces when Scully comments that one of their conversations feels like old times. Oh, my heart.

Special Guest Star

Classic Quote
Skinner: We all take our orders from somewhere, Agent Mulder.

Everything Is Hannibal And Everything Hurts
For a second I thought Scully was reading the Daily Tattler, but I was wrong. And sad.

Watch or Skip?
Since I didn’t write it down, I’m gonna go ahead and say skip it.

Episode 2.03: “Blood”

Netflix Synopsis
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of violent killings committed by seemingly normal residents of a small town.

Alaina’s Synopsis
Something is causing machines – elevators, ATMs – to instruct people in this small Pennsylvania town to murder people. Turns out it’s insecticide laced with LSD, so – thanks, government!

MOTW / Mytharc
Starts off as a possible Monster, but ends up in Shadowy Government Doing Icky Things territory.

Special Guest Star
William Sanderson plays one of the first people afflicted by the insectiumurdercide. You may remember William Sanderson as E.B. Farnham, the first mayor of Deadwood! (He most recently played Sheriff Bud Dearborne in True Blood, if that’s more your speed.) This makes the third Deadwood-ian to grace our hallowed X-Files halls, and this episode marks one of the few times I haven’t spent a good five minutes cursing out E.B.’s general jackassery.

Fun Fact!
Mulder – who has been transferred from stakeouts to the Behavioral Sciences Unit – used to play right field.

All About Alaina
The climax of the episode occurs at Franklin College, and I’m going to assume that they really meant it to be Franklin Pierce College, even though that’s in New Hampshire and the episode takes place in Pennsylvania, but seriously, it’s an ode to me.

Mulder, You Precious Angel
Mulder reaches out to shake someone’s hand, but he’s wearing latex gloves: “Pardon my rubber.”

He later trades Scully’s phone number for Frohike’s night vision goggles.

Lone Gunmen!
They’re in this one! And they’ve found nuclear bees! Or possibly tracker jackers.

Classic Quote
Byers: That is a Eurasian cluster fly.
Alaina: That is not how I thought that sentence would end.

Ships Ahoy!
Mulder emails Scully his reports as he tries to build his profile, because he wants her opinion! And she reads them alone in her Quantico office at night! It’s all so romantic!

Funny In Hindsight
Scully is very glad to prove that Mulder isn’t going to turn into the next Charles Manson. It’s funny because of Aquarius, starring David Duchovny. It’s not funny because somehow Aquarius got renewed for a second season but Hannibal got canceled.

Watch or Skip?
I feel like this episode has a fair amount of good parts – E.B., Lone Gunmen, etc. – but overall, probably it’s okay to skip this one.

Episode 2.04: “Sleepless”

Netflix Synopsis
Mulder searches for a Vietnam vet who can project his consciousness into other peoples’ minds.

Alaina’s Synopsis
A Vietnam vet who underwent a sleep eradication study is now able to make people believe they’re on fire, or getting shot. It’s a revenge rampage, y’all! And also we meet Alex Krycek.

MOTW / Mytharc?
Mytharc in that it introduces two key characters and the villain of the piece is a government science experiment.

First Meetings
Hey, remember when I said we were going to see Nicholas Lea again in Episode 1.14? That day is today, so let’s give Alex Krycek a warm, Project X welcome! Krycek is a young whippersnapper of an agent that gets partnered with Mulder on this case.

We also meet Mr. X, the successor to Deep Throat’s legacy of providing just enough information to put Mulder on the right track, byt not enough to allow him to figure out anything on his own.

Classic Quotes
Krycek, introducing himself: Krycek. Alex Krycek.  #preciousbby

Mr. X, also introducing himself (of sorts): I’m not here to do your thinking, Agent Mulder.

Freddy Foreshadowing
Krycek is connected to the Cigarette Smoking Man, and says that Scully is a bigger problem than what was originally described. YOU LEAVE SCULLY ALONE.

Watch or Skip?
Watch for Krycek, but the plot is meh.

Episode 2.05: “Duane Barry”

Netflix Synopsis
A former FBI agent who claims he was abducted by aliens takes several people hostage.

Alaina’s Synopsis
Mulder gets called in to deflate a hostage situation – Duane Barry, former FBI agent, believes he has been abducted but no one believes him. Mulder believes him, and then finds a chip or something that was removed. Scully wants to investigate the piece of metal, but gets thrown into harm’s way.

MOTW / Mytharc?

Special Guest Star
CCH Pounder! Dudes, she’s been in everything, I’m not going to list all of her credits; that’s what imdb. is for. However, most notably (to me), she portrayed the Secretary of HUD on the classic West Wing episode, “Celestial Navigation.” If you’ve heard about CJ’s root canal in Foggy Bottom and Josh Lyman inventing a secret plan to fight inflation, then you’ve heard of the best episode of The West Wing.

Thing I Can’t Even
Apparently, when Mulder doesn’t run for exercise, he swims laps. In red Speedos. Bless you, Fox. And also, bless you, Fox Mulder.

Duane Barry somehow figures out where Scully lives, and the episode ends with Scully leaving the sounds of her kidnapping on Mulder’s answering machine.

Watch or Skip?
Watch, are you kidding me?

Episode 2.06: “Ascension”

Netflix Synopsis
Mulder attempts to rescue Scully is abducted by a deranged man who believe in UFOs.

Alaina’s Synopsis
Mulder and Krycek go after Duane Barry (with Krycek attempting to stop Mulder at all costs, because separating Mulder from Scully would be the best thing for Krycek and the Cigarette Smoking Man), but it’s too late – Scully has disappeared. And then, Duane Barry dies, cutting off all leads.

This two-parter was created to allow Gillian Anderson time off for the birth of her first child. So that’s why most of Scully’s shots are in the trunk of Duane Barry’s car.

MOTW / Mytharc?

First Meeting
Skyland Mountain! The location of Duane Barry’s abduction, and now Scully’s. We will see this fucking guy a few more times over the next decade.

O Skinner
This is the first episode where Skinner truly shows Mulder that he’s on Mulder’s side. He listens to Mulder, and most importantly, he believes Mulder. And then – he reopens the X-Files.

Skinner Ships It!
He sends Mulder home to get some sleep, and he promises to call Mulder if he can help. He knows how Mulder feels about Scully.

Classic Quote
Skinner: There’s only one thing I can do, Agent Mulder. As of right now, I’m reopening the X-Files. That’s what they fear the most.

Vintage Pretend Boyfriend = Walter S. Skinner. ❤

Watch or Skip?
Seriously, you have to watch this one. It’s soooo important.

Episode 2.07: “3”

Netflix Synopsis
Mulder links a series of grisly deaths to a group of modern-day vampires.

Thing I Yelled At the TV:
Vampires?! OH HELL YEAH

Note From the Future
I came to regret that outburst.

Alaina’s Synopsis
Lost without Scully, Mulder dips his toes into Southern California vampire culture and it does not end well.

MOTW / Mytharc?
Monster of the Week. That desperately needed to be staked.

Thing I Can’t Even
These pre-Buffy vampires. Oh my god. So horrible. They go to a club called “Club Tepes.” Really? Who do you think you’re fooling, baby goths? Also, isn’t that the same club that Ford took his friends when they wanted to be turned into vampires in “Lie to Me” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Freddie Foreshadowing
Someone mentioned porphyria! Now, please someone mentioned xeroderma pigmentosum. Actually, just wake me up when “Bad Blood” comes on.

Full Disclosure Moment
I totally fell asleep for a good chunk of this episode.

Ships Ahoy!

Fox Mulder: Human Disaster
Uuuggggghhhh … so, Mulder sleeps with the vampire lady WHILE WEARING SCULLY’S CROSS, FUCK YOU MULDER, and this is my least favorite episode so far. YES, EVEN WORSE THAN “SPACE.” I get that this is supposed to show Mulder making really bad choices because Scully’s missing and he doesn’t know what to do or how to act without her, but … ugggghhhh.

Dammit! My Sexual Kryptonite!
Mulder, button those buttons on your white shirt! I am mad at you and do not want to be turned on right now!

Watch or Skip?
Skip, unless you’re the type of shipper who enjoys watching when one member of your OTP is missing and the other member is completely lost without him or her. Otherwise, this episode is just painful all around.

Next time, on Project X: “One Breath,” “Firewalker,” “Red Museum,” “Excelsis Dei,” “Aubrey,” “Irresistible,” and “Die Hand Die Verletzt.” Scully comes back, we meet another one of Alaina’s Vintage Pretend Boyfriends, and some weird shit ensues.

Hopefully, “next time” will occur before 2017.

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