And now, a word from your pop culture deficient. Again.

14 Apr

So yeah.  Still procrastinating on Shawshank.  It’s not my fault, you guys!  I just … I’m not sure how to feel about that movie!

Anyway.  Last month I turned 30, and I’ve been tossing some ideas around on how to … not improve, but maybe change things up around here?  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing this, and won’t stop, no matter how many people think this is a stupid idea.  I STAND BY MY STUPID IDEAS.

But is Insomniac Theatre something that only amuses me?  Should I just focus on the list of movies, or are the random entries worth reading?  Should I branch out into Television Alaina’s Never Seen?  Or how about a rewatch of everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family, in prep for when Arrested Development returns?  Or Veronica Mars, you guys!  The marshmallows are getting a movie!  WEEVIL’S GETTING A MOVIE HOW EXCITED AM I?

So … I created a survey.  Yay!  Because I’m open to feedback, and this seems to be the best way to solicit it.

So if you love me — and even if you only feel some fairly strong platonic feelings — hell, even if you hate me but don’t quite wish me dead, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback.  It doesn’t mean I’ll follow the advice (I’m quite like Alice in Wonderland in that regard), but it’ll make me think critically about the choices I make.

Plus, some of the answers to the questions are HILARIOUS.  You don’t want to miss out on that.

So … Please take my Feedback survey!

Thanks!  And in thanks, I leave you with the latest:

Brad: Yeah, I’ve got basketball tickets.  I won’t make it to trivia night.
Alaina: No worries, everyone else bailed.  Maybe I’ll go see Jurassic Park.
Brad: In 3-D?
Alaina: Yeah!  I mean, I’ve never seen it, so why not?
Brad: YOU’VE NEVER SEEN — why am I yelling?  Why am I even surprised?
Alaina: Seriously, dude.  Why are you surprised?

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